Suzy Pearce is a writer, actress, and teacher. She received her BFA in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts in 2000. By day, Pearce teaches high school; by night she writes short stories, screenplays, stage plays, and web series. When she is not working on projects, she enjoys distance running, competitive archery, horseback riding, protesting the government, and Scrabble. She lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter, and three dogs. Other works by Suzy Pearce include the horror screenplay, Rose, the short story collection, This is Not the End, as well as the novels Air and Toxic.

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Jorge Aguayo is a combat-decorated Marine who served with the Third Marine Division as an infantryman. He participated in Desert Storm, Desert Shield from 1990-1991 assisting with the liberation of Kuwait.

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Jeff McCarley is a writer and filmmaker who was an active duty Marine from 1998-2003, where he was stationed in Yuma, Arizona. Besides writing and directing his own film and video projects, McCarley also works with his wife, Suzy Pearce, on original film and video projects where he is in charge of cinematography, editing, foley, and music.

Click HERE to read the review of People Suck.

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Greg Buffington is a military veteran who lives in Southern California. He served in Afghanistan from January 2007 to January 2008. On October 4, 2007, his convoy struck an Improvised Explosive Device 16 miles south of Forward Operating Base Ghazni.

Pardon My Silence is Greg Buffington's first book of poetry.

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Charles E. Frye is a geographer, cartographer, information scientist, and U.S. Army veteran. His interests include genealogy, history of the American Revolutionary War, and major league baseball. As he learned of Isaac Frye's story, he applied his skills to design an approach to use geographic information systems to organize and document historical research projects. Applying this approach to Isaac Frye's story yielded a wealth of information that could be organized many ways. This supplied the skeleton for the The War has Begun, the first of four books in the Duty in the Call of Liberty series. Today he lives and works in southern California.

Charles E. Frye's Website:

Please read the following article about THE WAR HAS BEGUN:

"This Redlands man's relative fought in the Revolutionary War. Now he's telling his story." -- Redlands Daily Facts (May 27, 2017)

Written by Veterans Magazine Interview

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Will Torres is a member of the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian tribe. He grew up on the reservation located in Thermal, California.

Will is also a combat-decorated Marine who served as a radio operator with Third Battalion Third Marines from 2003 to 2007.

All of Will's books, Freelance: A POG Story, My Night With Mukat, and Poems For Menyil have become Amazon bestsellers.


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Derrick Darden is a Gulf War Veteran and graduate with a PhD from Capella University in the field of Organization and Management, a MS in the field of Human Resources from University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor's in the field of Business Administration from Liberty University.

As a retired Army Warrant Officer, Derrick Darden has a background in Logistic Management. The positions he held in the military included Senior Project Manager Leader, Logistics Manager and Supply Systems Technician. Presently, he works for the Department of Defense in the field Defense Acquisition and Contracting.

For more than 9 years, Derrick Darden served as a college professor for both online and traditional learning teaching courses in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Compensation Management and Research, Assessment Methods in Human Resources, Test and Measurement and Adult Human Development and Behavior.

Please visit Derrick Darden's blog:

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Raised around cotton, cows, and horses, Alan Patterson was in the saddle at the age of 3. By the time he turned 5, he wanted nothing more than to become a World Champion Cowboy. After his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alan began to ride racehorses and, at the age of 10, started to compete in match races. At the age of 17, Alan became a professional jockey. 

The Vietnam War interrupted Alan's horse racing career. He joined the Marines and saw combat in Vietnam. As his company's "tunnel rat," Alan distinguished himself and was quickly promoted to Sergeant. 

Back home in the United States, Alan continued to ride professionally again. His highly successful career spanned 28 years, and he rode at 74 racetracks. Riding injuries finally forced Alan to retire. 

In 2003, Alan made his motion picture debut when famous jockey Chris McCarron asked him to be the stunt rider and double on the Oscar-nominated film "Seabiscuit." On the set, the movie's stars, Jeff Bridges and Elizabeth Banks, urged Alan to turn his adventurous life on and off the racetrack into a book. Following their advice, Alan began to write what is now "A Hole Through The Wind."

In 2021, “A Hole Through the Wind” was a semi-finalist of the renowned 15th annual Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award, recognizing the best long-form writing about the world of horse racing. The book also became an Amazon bestseller.

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Victoria Yeager was born in Philadelphia, attended girls' school, has a BA from the University of Virginia, spent her junior year in Paris taking classes from the Sorbonne, Sorbonne Nouvelle, and the Institute of Political Science and has an MBA from Columbia University.

She has consulted nonprofit and NGO companies all over the world, advocating against human trafficking, hunger, and homelessness. She has helped educate indigenous people about nutrition, finances, and the prevention of alcoholism and drug abuse.

She is also an author, actor, producer, director, speaker, and emcee. She enjoys adventure travel, flying (taught by her late great husband, Chuck Yeager), horseback riding, huntin', fishing, sailing, bodysurfing, reading, trekking, whitewater rafting, and currently, pickleball.

In 2000, she met General Chuck Yeager on a hiking trail in the middle of nowhere. As her friend said, "Clearly, it was meant to be." Chuck and Victoria married in 2003.
Victoria is thrilled and honored to share the humor and wisdom of her late great husband, General Chuck Yaeger.

Official Website:

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Al Rattan is a native Californian and was adopted by the “Written by Veterans” group. His son Stephen serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in US Army. Al served as a reserve sworn Deputy Sheriff Investigator for a large southern California Sheriff Department. He honorably retired and holds a BA in Business Administration, General Contractors License, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor license. Al has enjoyed a long-term career in commercial real estate development.

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Combat Veteran John J. McBrearty’s 32 year military career consisted of positions of increased responsibilities and spanned the globe with operations in; Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and Thailand. He retired in 2016 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

He was recognized for excellence by President Barak Obama.

John J. McBrearty, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Valley Forge Military Academy and College, as well as Temple University. He also holds a master's degree in American history from American Public University and served as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at California State University, San Bernardino and Claremont McKenna College.

Lt. Colonel McBrearty's previous works have been published or featured in; Sports Illustrated, Golfweek, Golf Digest, Callaway Magazine, Stars and Stripes, Grizzly Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Main Line Times, News of Delaware County, Daily Bulletin, San Bernardino Sun, Press Enterprise and more.

Having joined the ranks of the "retired," bestselling Amazon author John J. McBrearty is active with several Veterans Affairs support groups. He is a golf instructor and an avid player. John currently lives with his family in Southern California.

You can follow John and all of his literary projects at:

John J. McBrearty's Amazon Author's Page

Please watch Lt. Colonel John J. McBrearty's interviews by

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Sherí Kelsey is a writer based in Los Angeles.

Born into addiction and chaos, she found herself in survival mode and striving to prove her worth. Sherí became a sergeant in the United States Military, earned an MBA from Temple University and climbed the corporate ladder. 

It wasn’t until she started to notice her own patterns of energetic burnout and attracting toxic partnerships that she started to take a step back, investigate and heal her inner wounds. Sherí is a natural psychologist and communicator who uses her experiences, perspectives and humor to inspire. She is currently working on a memoir.


Ruben Lee Sims proudly and honorably served in the United States Air Force from 1970 to 1984, reaching the rank of Master Sergeant six years ahead of his peers. Among the many accommodations Ruben was awarded throughout his service is the Vietnam Service Medal, which he earned after providing maintenance support at Korat Royal Thai AFB in 1973. In 1982 Ruben contracted Lyme disease, but suffered from the effects of the debilitating disease for thirty-four years before receiving a diagnosis and treatment by a healthcare provider outside of the VA. The failure of the military and VA healthcare systems to diagnose Ruben with Lyme disease ended his military career early, tarnished his service record, and led to more than three decades of preventable suffering. Ruben has taken upon himself the mission of helping all veterans who suffer as he has so that they may receive the greatly needed treatment that they have earned.

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Amanda Frye comes to the Written by Veterans group as an extended family member via her husband, U.S. Army veteran, Charlie Frye.   Her interviews with writers, musicians and filmmakers  have been featured in the online CultScoop Magazine.  Amanda's work has also appeared in the San Bernardino County Sentinel. Currently, Amanda is co-editing the college textbook Introductory Foods.  Amanda has four children and resides in Redlands, California.

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Borges was born in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and, at age three, he and his family immigrated to the United States. He was raised in California and joined the US Navy when he was seventeen-years-old.  Borges served for six years and subsequently worked in government for twenty-five years. He holds an undergraduate degree in Communications with an emphasis on Media Studies.

Borges has traveled the world while in the military, on the job, and on his own. During his travels he has learned that for all our differences, we are very much the same and react to events in a similar fashion. One of these events being the act of betrayal moved Borges to start writing and come up with stories most anyone can identify with. His imagination allows him to write outside of his comfort zone.

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John was born in the great state of Kentucky. After graduation from high school in the state of Ohio, he enlisted (against his Mother's desires) in the United States Marine Corps in 1968. He attended Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina, with advanced weapons training at Camp Geiger in North Carolina. Having enlisted because of his strong desire to serve his country in combat, as the men in his family had done for generations past, John was assigned to a rifle company in Viet Nam and served with later-to-be Senator James Webb of Virginia, lawyer extraordinaire George McMahon of Boston, Judge William Downs of Wyoming, Dale Wilson of North Carolina, and Francis Karst of South Dakota, among so many others.

Always interested in writing, John has dedicated his work to the plight of the American combat veteran—America's "true" Heroes. Through personal experiences, and the experiences of those with whom he served, he tries to highlight, if you will, the feelings and hardships suffered by veterans while in combat, and the many more hardships encountered after they return home. He often says that each of the thoughts he puts on paper comes with its own teardrops, descendants to those same teardrops shed by America's earliest patriots, and that it has been such teardrops that have helped to keep patriotism alive and well down through the tumultuous pages of American History.

John adheres to the long-standing theory that "All Marines are Brothers" and "Once a Marine, Always a Marine." Nowadays he only wears a different uniform.

Please read John's tribute to Mac McGarvey, which was originally posted by former Senator Jim Webb on his site.

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Bory Thach was born in a refugee camp located on the border between Thailand and Cambodia.  His family immigrated to the United States when he was four years old.  He served in the U.S. Army and deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He has an MFA from California State University San Bernardino. Fiction and creative nonfiction fall under the art of storytelling, while poetry for him is more of a study of language, an art form in itself. Bory is the author of the poetry book: Letters Under Rock with Cindy Rinne, (Elyssar Press). His work appeared or is forthcoming in: Pacific Review, Urban Ivy, Arteidolia, and Sand Canyon Review.

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Photo by Edwin Vasquez

Cindy Rinne creates fiber art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. She was Poet in Residence for the Neutra Institute Gallery and Museum, Los Angeles, CA. She has created fiber art for over 30 years, exhibiting internationally. Cindy collaborates in Performance Poetry using her own costume creations based on her books. A Pushcart nominee. Cindy is the author of several books: Letters Under Rock with Bory Thach, (Elyssar Press), Moon of Many Petals (Cholla Needles Press), and others. Her poetry appeared or is forthcoming in: Anti-Herion Chic, Unpsychology Magazine, MORIA, several anthologies, and others.

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Winner of the 2021 Veterans Writers Award

Brian O’Hare is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former U.S. Marine Corps officer. Currently, he’s an award-winning writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. His work has appeared in War, Literature and the ArtsSanta Fe Writers Project, and Hobart, and has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes. He was recently named a Writing Fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.


at Syracuse University Press:

Interview by Marine Corps Times

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Ignatius J was born in Memphis, Tennessee. At the tender age of ten, after writing and illustrating his first comic book, he knew he wanted to write and tell stories. His aunt Minnie provided him with his first diary at thirteen years old that led to the release of his 3-part debut memoir, “Now What’s Next?”. Ignatius J has several additional books in the works. He currently lives in Southern California with his two black cats, Wednesday & Winter. He is a student at Riverside City College. His hobbies include writing, traveling, photography, cooking, baking, and being a foodie. Ignatius J is a United States Army veteran, and a father of four; three daughters, and a son.

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Matthew T. Miller was born and raised in La Quinta, California. He joined the Army when he was seventeen-years-old and served six years with the 82nd  Airborne Division. He accomplished two tours in Iraq and is currently attending school at California State University, San Bernardino. He is working toward becoming a Physical Therapist and also wishes to be involved in the education field. In this respect, he works towards becoming a certified substitute math teacher for elementary school students, so he can share his love of math with others. His future goals are to become an accomplished artist and cartoonist, as well as an author of children's books and thrilling ghost tales for adults. 

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Born and raised in Southern California’s Inland Empire, Sgt. Chavez  joined the Army National Guard, after graduating from the University of La Verne. As an operating room specialist, she participated in the 1987 Santa Cruz earthquake rescue effort. Later, as a Postal Sergeant in the Army Reserves, Sgt. Chavez was stationed in Germany, South Korea, and Bosnia.

While serving in the Army National Guard, Sgt. Chavez earned her Master's Degree in Educational Counseling from the Cal State University, San Bernardino. At the VA Loma Linda Medical Center, Sgt. Chavez has served as secretary of the Native American Veterans Employees Group and is a member of AMVETS Post 77’s Women Veterans Group.

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Zoe Phiko, daughter of a veteran, began writing fiction at 14 when she created a highly popular web serial that she later turned into two short novels, Violet Winter and Abigail Winter. Following their publication, Zoe released two volumes of poetry, feminine and Innermost. At 17, she published her third novel, the futuristic, dystopian, coming-of-age epic, The Center.

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Sean R. Forster is a decorated combat veteran who served with 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines as a Motor Transport Mechanic. He participated in Iraqi Freedom in 2006 (HADITHA) and again in 2007-2008 (FALLUJAH).

In 2006, after returning from his first tour of duty in Iraq, Sean was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Achievement during deployment. With a ratio of one mechanic per thirty-seven vehicles, Sean successfully made repairs totaling in excess of one and one half million dollars.

In his civilian life, Sean is furthering and applying his skills by working on boats around Lake Tillery, NC.  As a Marine Corps Veteran, Sean is dedicated to helping fellow Veterans his own way by continuing to express his thoughts through poetry.

Sean is the author of the Amazon Bestseller The Before And After, the first volume of a Marine’s poems.

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Corie McCarley has just started seriously writing. She is a sophomore in high school and is currently working on a book of horror stories that she plans to have published in the near future. Her plan is to go college and major in both Oceanography and foreign languages. Veterans in her family include her father, both grandfathers, and both great-grand fathers. She currently resides in Redlands, CA, with her mom, dad, and three beloved dogs.

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Lawrence Beall became a master of origami at the age of 19. Soon after, he became dissatisfied with the mathematical and computational obsession of the field of origami which he felt, "leaves little room for artistry, creativity, and innovation in origami." As a result, he started his own art form which he called Neo Origami, to free the infinite beauty of folds from the confines of rigid structure and paradigm—a dynamic, elegant, and organic art that continues to evolve. His book, Neo Origami: An Ancient Art Reborn (2016), showcases this new art form in brilliant color photography, as well as Beall's personal reflections on his journey as an origami master and creator of a new art form.

Beall is a student at the George Washington Law School.



Lyndle is an Oklahoma native, the third of five sons of a Korean War military veteran.  His family soon moved to an Arkansas farm where he grew through his teen years.  Lyndle's life-long interest in art has afforded him opportunities to lend talent to such projects as magazines and commercial safety posters.  He has also done private requests for murals and portraits.  Now living in Arkansas, his talent can be seen on the covers of novels such as John R. Cole's "A Teller's Tales" series and his art monograph "Decades of Doodles."

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Ted Peterson is a Navy Veteran and Blue Star Parent. 

He says he "fell into" writing, finding it therapeutic, a way to express. He writes with the hopes of impacting others in a positive way. One song that he co-wrote brought him all the way to the White House, where it was played. 

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In the back dining room of a small restaurant in Grand Terrace, California, a group of veterans meets every Thursday and shares what they have written. Sure, there’s a big social element, - and, sure, there’s lunch involved - but there is also a camaraderie that runs deeper than a normal friendship, forged by sharing their thoughts and feelings on life, the military, and everything in between.


In 1963, after graduating from high school at the age of seventeen, Alfonso Medrano joined the Air Force.  Following basic training, he served at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and later in Spokane, Washington.  There, he was trained for and embarked on his career as air police.  During his time at Fairchild Air Force Base, he was deeply influenced by the assassination of President Kennedy.  He realized that he could no longer be an innocent bystander in the world.  This watershed event was his introduction to the new world order that later would be called the "Cold War." 

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M. Bernard Edmonds, ( I ) is an Artist who works in a variety of mediums; Bronze, Glass, Oil / Acrylic Painting, other Metals and Wood, under the moniker of (BerniE.)  In addition, BerniE. is CEO of Business Images, Inc. a Marketing company that designs Awards and Promotional Products for branding businesses.  He prefers to approach most projects that he engages in from the standpoint of creating Art. 
His clientele includes the Magic Johnson Foundation, The Historic Mission Inn Hotel and Foundation, The Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, California State University of San Bernardino, Steve Harvey Productions and various other organizations.  Now that BerniE. has semi-retired, he has chosen to take some time to pen his thoughts, ideas and experiences to create what he hopes will be viewed as pieces of Word Art.  He wants to create writings that will evoke emotions, provoke your thoughts, place you in at the scene and transfer knowledge.
BerniE. is hopeful that you will be so intrigued, awestruck and entertained by his writings that you will recommend his books to your friends and family.  His ultimate goal is to promote literacy and Encourage, Inspire and Motivate others to find their freedom in reading and creating Word Art as well.

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Fred "Bo" Dunning is a retired US Air Force NCO and Desert Storm combat veteran. He is presently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, newspaper columnist, and Adjunct Psychology Professor. Bo has more than 34 years working with military troops, veterans, and their families.

Official Website with links to books, videos, and blogs:

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Greg Walter grew up in Southern California graduated high school early and went into the Coast Guard at age 17. He was stationed up on the Oregon Coast, discharged in 1983 and is living in Southern Oregon to the present day. He is currently working on a book about his family's history, spanning World Wars I and II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict, then concluding with his own experiences in the Drug War of the 1980s – 2000.

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Barry Dixon, MA, Certified Correctional Health Professional is a retired Chief Quality Health Care Officer, from the State of California. He currently consults with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, conducting accreditation surveys of jails and prisons throughout the United States. He is an author, lecturer, and certified instructor of the Noohra Foundation, founded by Rocco A. Errico in Smyrna, GA. He is the author of the essay Skeletons in the Closet, in the Anthology, which is an excerpt from a book he is writing entitled Culture Wars and the Need to Correct the Great Lies, Myths and Omissions in History, Science and Religion.

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Michael Padgett is a Pastor, Missionary, Husband, Mental Health Precessional, and Military Veteran who served in the Army from 1986 to 1992 primarily at Fort Erwin, California. Today, Michael balances life between his education, marriage of 16 years, and ministry since 2007. Michael’s journey in all of these areas has helped him develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and motivates his aspirations of seeing other believers grow in their faith.

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James Simonton spent six years in the Air Force, where he served as an MP.  James went to Glendale Community College and is now a student at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). James' passion is live comedy, and he performs regularly with major improv groups, such as the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade.

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Three days after graduating from Troy High school, J. L. reported to duty in the Army. There, he served as a member of a special weapons and was part of a supporting unit for NATO.

J. L. graduated with a BA in Business Administration, Finance, Real Estate concentration from CSUSB and will receive his MBA at the end of 2020.

J. L. is a life-time member of Beta Gamma Sigma and has served as the president of the CSUSB Student Veterans Organizations.

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Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in the desert region, Naomi Hunt has been a freelance writer since the age of 13. Her work touches on various aspects of life, including but not limited to recovery. Naomi's goal is not only to bring forth awareness about breaking the stigma of mental health, but also to be the spark that ignites the fires of inspiration within others to achieve whatever they set forth to do despite such challenges.


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Robb brings years of experience as a personal development professional. He's an experienced and tenacious speaker, coach, author and leader who has led and developed over 60,000 participants in personal and professional growth trainings, seminars and programs throughout the US and overseas. Robb's life has been remarkable – filled with failures and success, loss and recovery, and incredible opportunities for growth and awareness. He's failed at business, lost a spouse to illness and his son to gang violence. All gifts, he will tell you, as he continues to embrace fatherhood, create space to experience true love and enjoy sustainable success in his business endeavors. In all this, he communicates a powerful message that elevates the human spirit and instills hope in others that they may finally live lives of passionate purpose. Robb has learned from some of the best, become one of the best and has turned much of his energy to supporting, teaching and mentoring others in life. He speaks regularly at conferences, organizations and associations on what it takes to succeed in business and in life. Robb will say to you, "I do only what I feel inspired to do…and nothing more" - his past and present and extraordinary life are his reasons why. Robb understands how to help others experience 'unreasonable' success in all their life endeavors.



John co-wrote dADDY'S BOY with George Wayne Wallace and finished the book after his partner died. Wallace was fond of telling people that all the "sick stuff" in the story came from Huff, the noble uplifting stuff from him. And considering Huff's checkered background in the writing trade, maybe that's true.

He worked for twenty years as a television writer in Hollywood on such series as The Nightstalker, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Knightrider, StreetHawk, 240 Robert, and CHiPs. He also wrote the movie, Hunter's Moon, starring Burt Reynolds and Keith Carradine. As a director, John helmed the cult comedy Cyxork7.

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After completing his military service in the West German Army, Andreas studied film and worked the next 30 years as a cinematographer, writer, and producer.

Andreas also taught screenwriting at the California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) for six years.

In 2014, he founded Written by Veterans with the support of the CSUSB Veteran Success Center.

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