Writers group member CHARLES E. FRYEdiscusses the first volume, THE WAR HAS BEGUN, of his four-novel series DUTY IN THE CAUSE OF LIBERTY that RETRACES THE STORY OF HIS ANCESTOR ISAAC FRYE, WHO FOUGHT ON THE SIDE OF INDEPENDENCE AND LIBERTY FROM the FIRST DAY TO THE LAST DAY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR.  Charles E. Frye reveals how he combines METICULOUS RESEARCH, using cutting-edge tools such as the GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM, with his rich personal experience of having SERVED IN THE ARMED FORCES and reenacted history as a member of the SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION COLOR GUARD, to weave together a captivating, realistic narrative. For an in-depth look at what it takes to write a historical novel today, read this interview by Amanda Frye.

Jorge Aguayo talks to ANGIE SHEER, founder and principal of EQUUS MEDENDI, an EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY PROGRAM primarily for veterans.  Find out how gaining the acceptance and friendship of horses can be a healing experience especially for those suffering from PTSD and other trauma related symptoms. Click on the button and read Jorge's interview.

Jorge Aguayo is a combat-decorated Marine who served with the Third Marine Division as an infantryman. He participated in Desert Storm, Desert Shield from 1990-1991 assisting with the liberation of Kuwait. Jorge Aguayo has been involved with Written by Veterans from the start and recently published two books: VITA, a collection of poetry and a screenplay entitled MY WORST ENEMY. Being a writer wasn't supposed to be in his cards, but then it all turned out different. Click on the button and read Jorge's interview.

In this interview, Suzy Pearce talks about writing the screenplay for ROSE, a suspense-laden HORROR-THRILLER, together with her Marine Veteran husband Jeff McCarley. Read about the writing team dynamics, the way Suzy and Jeff approached the Horror genre, and how it all got published as a Trade Paperback under the Written by Veterans imprint – just CLICK on the YELLOW BUTTON: